The successful reintegration of foreign students and skilled workers is an important topic of World University Service (WUS). Since 1993, the WUS promoted the workplace equipment subsidy, called APA (German word Arbeitsplatzausstattung) and literature for returning foreign students and professionals from Africa, Asia, Latin America. The program was financed by the Ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) and carried out on behalf of the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) in the program Migration for Development (PME). It aimed at the development related professional reintegration into the home country. Read for yourself the examples of successful return to the global South.

Furthermore WUS offers reintegration seminars for foreign students and professionals. In addition, we can also offer network expertise with returnees in many countries of the global South (for example, for business trips, business contacts and potential project partners). Take advantage of our extensive network with hundreds of returnees and get connected to professionals worldwide!