European Global Learning Database - ENGLOB

European Global Learning Database - ENGLOB

We have created a free quadrilingual online database - a digital network for global learning - which is unique in Europe. This database makes it possible to share your experiences as well as establish partnerships for learning on a local, regional, national, and especially on a European level. It contains information on more than a thousand private, intermediary, and governmental organizations as well as on EU institutions and EFTA member states.

ENGLOB was created in cooperation with the North-South Center of the Council of Europe (Lisbon), the European coordinators of the Global Education Week, Development Education Exchange in Europe Project (DEEEP) and the Development Education Forum of CONCORD. The database was conceived and developed, between 2003 and 2006, with financial support from the European Union.


If you need information on topics in the field of Global Learning (like the North-South relationship, peace, conflict prevention, the environment, sustainability, human rights, gender or globalization) you can find it in our database. You can also use  our database if you simply need to find out where the headquarters of a given organization are located. Just select a search category or try our easy-to-use full-text search.

You don't have to be registered to use the search function.


By registering, you will become part of that European Network on Global Learning (ENGLOB), which can help you establish contacts all over Europe. If you would like to appear in our database, please register your organisation. We are sorry for not accepting registrations of individuals. Organisations that are already registered in our database can update or/and change their entry anytime. Please send the filled form to datenbank[at] 


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