WUS International

WUS International

The activities of the World University Service (WUS) base on the "Lima Declaration on Academic Freedom and autonomy of tertiary educational institutions" adopted 1988 in Peru, adopted by the General Assembly of WUS. This declaration was a response to the increasing global repression against the right of academic freedom. It mainly points on the principle that every person has a right to education, which is the starting point (and condition) for claiming other human rights. Hence, the main focus of the educational work of the World University Service is, among other human rights, to value education as a human right to education. Thus, the projects of the World University Service can be categorized into the "Decade of Human Rights" of the United Nations and the UNESCO project "Culture of Peace".

The German Committee of the World University Service is active in the following key projects of the international World University Service Committees:

  •     Educational and return program for exil students
  •     Human rights campaigns in education
  •     University cooperation worldwide

World University Service International:

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