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At the end of 2016, all 49 scholarship holders of the first round gathered for the training courses in Durres (19-20 November 2016) and Shkoder (09-11 December 2016). Depending on the type of scholarship, the seminars focused on business start-ups, career selection, or a preparation for internships.

The course on “How to make your Internship a Success” was held on both occasions. At the beginning of these two-day training sessions, the participants were shown how to evaluate themselves in order to recognize their strengths as well as areas in which they can still improve. Afterwards, the course continued with informing the scholars about the general application process, and the requirements of the labour market. Furthermore, the students were taught specific skills and competences necessary for preparing for internships and a future profession, respectively.

The seminar on career selection and job application took place in Shkoder. Among other things, it entailed a survey of various services and sources aimed to help with the career selection. Similar to the course on “How to make your internship a Success”, the participants learned different methods to conduct a self-assessment at the beginning of this training session. Here, it served the purpose of developing an individual career plan based on the scholar’s distinctive competences and qualifications. On the second day, the seminar focused on applications. Therefore, it was elucidated how to write a letter of motivation and a CV for the designated place of work.

The workshop on start-up businesses in Durres pointed out different steps that need to be taken in order to start a business. In addition to exercises on networking and team building, financial and legal aspects of a start-up business were foregrounded. Participants also learned how to test and validate their business ideas, and became adept at product development.

The Seminars were well-received by all scholarship holders, and instructors. Both sides were satisfied with the general outcome of the workshops, and gave positive feedback as well as suggestions for further improvement.

Seminars in Durres, 19 - 20 November 2016

Seminars in Shkoder, 09 - 11 December 2016