Career Transition Support North Macedonia and in Kosovo

Career Transition Support North Macedonia and in Kosovo

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From university to work - challenge accepted!

World University Service (WUS) in cooperation with the German state of North-Rhine Westfalia announces an internship grant to support the transition from study to work.

Our aim is to support talented young people in a Bachelor's or Master's degree from State Universities in North Macedonia and in Kosovo in the final phase of their studies who aim to start their careers the two Balkan countries.

Hereby we intend to strengthen the educational elite in the two balkan countries, and to ensure a new generation of well-trained specialists. With this program we want to enable young people to develop a professional future in their home country. Please find more details below.

Our program includes:

  1. monthly grants 250,- EUR for internships in Macedonian / Kosovo companies/organisations (minimum 3 months, maximum 6 months)
  2. seminars and coaching on employability, application training and improving your employees-skills and business start-ups
  3. networking opportunities across subjects and disciplines.

Who can apply:

Eligible are students

  • from State Universities in North Macedonian and Kosovo
  • who are in the final stage of their program (graduation during the winter term of 2024) or
  • who already graduated within the last six months from a Bachelor's or Master's program.

Applicants from low-income households are granted preferential admission.