A Step into growth

Name of the Organization
A Step into growth

Misarska 6a
14000 Valjevo

Description of the Organization

Creative workshop "A Step Into Growth" (NGO) is founded in 1995 in the town of Valjevo (Serbia, ex-YU). Our main aim is to stimulate and help develop various potentials and skills of pre-school (P/S) and school (S) children (with problems and without problems in psychomotor development), adolescents and grown-ups , the re-socialization of children and adolescents and their reintegration into the social and natural environments, optimization of communication of grown-ups in their family or professional environments with the help of a group of experts (psychologists, lawyers, a special pedagogue, a teacher of English, artists, musicians, an art history teacher, a PE teacher, a psychiatrist...).

Activities mentioned so far referred to the rights of the children passing through normal psycho-motor development who enjoy the rights to supplementary education, to the special education for the children with special needs, to the right of children to a supplementary health care, to the right of children to play and integrate into the social environment and the right of children to take part in social activities of the locality.

Themes of the organization