Grenzenlos – Generation 2022 – BW


Aazmi Ashraf

HOCHSCHULE: FOM Hochschule Mannheim

Thema SDG #08: "Teamarbeit in der modernen Arbeitswelt"

About me: I am a perspective collector, a leadership scholar, an Agile enthusiast, a professional coach, a Software engineer who became a Psychology major. I am happy to help teams and leaders in identifying and being the change they want to be.

About my topic: My topic - "Teamwork in the modern workplace" creates a safe and curious space to discuss and explore the topic of emotional intelligence vs. artificial intelligence from the perspective of why and how teamwork becomes even more vital in current times.  

Why I'm part of Grenzenlos:  Being a Grenzenlos active helps me collect different opinions/perspectives and at the same time share some thought-provoking impulse. It also helps me introduce a bit of my own culture and at the same time trigger a discussion about intercultural aspects.