Friday, 08.05.2020 to Sunday, 10.05.2020

Weekendseminar on "Democracy and Education"

This seminar will be held in English!

*childcare will be offered

Co-instructor: Yaman Abobakr (Syrien)

“Democracies need democrats” – this insight forms the precept of civic education. In order for a democratic system to be effective and sustainable, and also to be more than just a set of formal procedures it needs to rely on democratic citizens. In this seminar we will explore democratic principles, the importance of education and discuss the emergence and consequences of right wing populism.

Halbjahresprogramm Sommersemester 2020

Friday, 06.12.2019 to Sunday, 08.12.2019

Weekendseminar on "Natural Resources and Conflict"

**the seminar will be held in English!

Co-instructor: Conita Ocarina Dewi (Indonesien)

Natural resources are increasingly subject to intense competition. In areas where the number of people is growing, resources often need to be shared among more users with different interests. Securing access to resources can become people's greatest concern when those resources are scarce. Recent years have shown growing recognition of land and resource disputes as drivers of conflict and violence. The seminar explores the causes of conflicts when it comes to the distribution of natural resources. In parallel, peace negotiations have increasingly addressed these issues directly. Indeed, all major peace agreements since 2005 include provisions on land and natural resources. Therefore we want to focus on options of conflict resolution for disputes that center on natural resources.

programme Natural Resources and Conflict

report Natural Resources and Conflict

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