Festschrift: 100 Jahre WUS - International 1920 - 2020

Autor: WUS
Jahr: 2021

Festschrift 100 Jahre WUS-International, 2021, DIN A4, ISBN: 978-3-922845-54-6, 372 pages, engl.


This publication presents the work of the international World University Service over the past 100 years (1920-2020). More than 80 authors describe how they came to WUS and which projects and activities they have conducted. WUS was at no time a pure charity association, not a university Red Cross, even if the focus at the beginning was more on relief of hardship due to the time. Thus, even at the time of its foundation, the aim was to bring together the university communities in different countries - certainly not always an easy undertaking. However, in all their activities over the course of 100 years, the WUS leaders have never lost sight of this basic goal.