FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the database

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the database

What kind of advantages will I have if I register in the database?

If you decide to register in the database, you will be part of ENGLOB - European Network on Global Learning. This network can provide contacts to partners, who deal with similar subjects like you. The database serves to exchange experiences, and to set-up global learning-partnerships.

Who decides about the admission to the database?

About the admission to the database decides only the World University Service (WUS). The further rights and duties are derived from the terms of use. They are part of the agreement that both parties (the WUS and the member-organisation) automatically accept through the registration.

Who may register in the database?

Organisations and institutions which want to register in the database are supposed to work in the field of global learning and should be located in one of the European countries listed in the database. Global learning covers development education, human rights education, sustainability education, education for peace and prevention of conflicts, as well as intercultural education, thus the global dimensions of civic education. The WUS reserves the right to deny applications, if they don't fit in the field of global learning or if they offend against the principles of our organisation. Individuals will not be admitted.

Is the registration in the database free of charge?

The registration in the database is for free.

How do I register in the database?

If you want to register in the database, please fill in our online-form.

How can I change/update my data in the database?

Please send an e-mail to datenbank[at]wusgermany.de with your requested modifications.

What kind of information do I have to enter in the database?

Please enter your address, a brief description of your organisation (max. 200 words), information about your fields of work and your publications. You will find instructions to fill in the database under the rubric Help.

How many organisations are listed in the database?

Presently more than 1500 organisations and institutions are registered in the database.

From which countries are the registered organisations and institutions?

The registered organisations and institutions are from the European Union and from the EFTA-countries.

When was the database launched?

The buildup of the database is based on the long standing contacts of the WUS and on intensive enquiries, especially on the internet. The thus reviewed and renewed data were fed in in 2004. Since their first publication, the data's timeliness is based on the participation of the listed organisations.

Who is allowed to use the database for research?

Any person and institution can use the database, it is directly accessible on the internet.

Is the database up-to-date?

The database was published in 2004. If the data concerning the registered organisations and institutions is up-to-date depends mainly on the information transfer from the repective organisations.

Will the data be transferred to others for commercial use?

The information contained in the database will not be transferred to others for commercial use.

Can I delete my data?

If you don't want to be listed in the database anymore, please send an e-mail to:


Whom to contact for further information?

For further information, please e-mail us: datenbank[at]wusgermany.de