Published Date: 
Tuesday, 21.11.2023

Veles, 19.11.2023. Three days of Inspiration and growth have been carried out in the Modul I weekend seminar at Hotel Gardenia in Veles from November 17th - 19th, 2023. The seminar which had the goal to prepare the candidates within the Transition Support Programe on "How to have a successful internship" started Friday at 5pm and 22 outstanding graduates participated: 16 from Macedonian state universities and 6 from Kosovo state universities, The air in the seminar room was buzzing with excitement as we embarked on a journey of knowledge, connection, and transformation. Here's to the start of something extraordinary! Prof. Dr. Jovanov and Dr. Monika Arsov, the trainers of the seminar from University “Goce Delcev” - Shtiphad designed a tight and intense schedule for the candidates.

Published Date: 
Friday, 27.10.2023

Stip, 27.10.2023. Another Successful Application training workshop with 'Goce Delcev' University - Stip (Универзитет „Гоце Делчев“ - Штип) has been conducted on October, 27th, 2023. It was the second Application Training Workshop, and according to trainers Dr. Monika Arsova and Prof. Dr. Janova, both from Goce Delcev University and participants, this year's start was nothing short of amazing! The students' satisfaction? A perfect 5 out of 5! The excitement and engagement throughout the day were off the charts, making it a day to remember. The first part focused on the essential skill of crafting a CV. It's the first step in their professional and career journey, and whether they were CV pros or beginners, they all grasped the essence and the preparation process.

The second part delved into crafting motivation letters, which presented its challenges. But our exercises shed light on the importance of crafting unique motivation letters. The most exciting part of the day was the job interview simulation! It was fascinating to see students stepping into the shoes of employers and understanding the interview process from both sides. Many left with valuable insights for future interviews. Huge thanks to University Goce Delcev Shtip for their support, and a special shoutout to our amazing students for their enthusiasm and active participation!

Published Date: 
Wednesday, 14.06.2023

Bonn, June 9, 2023. North Rhine-Westphalia supports a career development project of the World University Service (WUS) in the partner country North Macedonia. First published: original text

Minister for Federal and European Affairs, International Affairs and Media of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Head of the State Chancellery
North Rhine-Westphalia supports a career development project of the World University Service (WUS) in the partner country North Macedonia. Selected students and university graduates are provided with advice, training and internships in order to improve their career opportunities in their home country. Young people from different disciplines can take part in coaching seminars on the topics of "application training" and "starting a business". The project runs until July 2024.
Published Date: 
Tuesday, 23.05.2023

On the 20.03.2023 the final event ceremony was conducted. The event was followed by 52 Grant holders from the state universities in Macedonia, the delegation of State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia, professors, employers and officials from national Ministries and institutions. Alltogether about 91 participants attended the venue. H.E.Nathanael Liminski, Minister for Federal and European Affairs, International Affairs and Media of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Head of the NRW State Chancellery, stated that in his one day intensive stay in Skopje, on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the partnership between North Rhine-Westphalia and North Macedonia, he had opportunity to meet Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign affairs, representatives of Business community, Civil Society Organisations and other stakeholders. Minister Liminski expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation so far with the assurance that it will intensify both politically and economically, especially with the already established business cooperation and the companies that are already successfully working in North Macedonia. He particularly emphasized his satisfaction to wrap up his official visit of the country with the WUS Handover Certificates Ceremony with the Young Professionals. He considers that the project for the young students, is the key in their profiling as professionals in the future, and is excellent  transfer of experience to North Macedonia and bridge for cooperation between the economies of the two countries.

Published Date: 
Wednesday, 15.02.2023

Skopje/Wiesbaden, 15th of February 2023. Another round of Modul II -seminars as part of the Career Transition Support Program has come to an end. On January 28, 2023, 36 graduates met in Skopje and on February 11, 2023, 22 graduates met in Bitola. Both seminars were rated "very good" by the absolute majority of more than 95%. The coaching teams in particular received top marks: In Skopje, Prof. Dr. Tamara Jovanov Apasieva and  Dr. Monika Arsova, both from University “Goce Delcev” - Shtip provided a lot of input and exciting interactive exercises; in Bitola Prof. Dr. Elizabeta Tosheva and Dr. Goce  Markoski, both from St. Kliment Ohridski University showed the young graduates which skills will be important for them in the future.

Published Date: 
Tuesday, 20.12.2022
An in-person information day was organized, which was attended by interested students. During the info day, Vice rector of the Department of International Cooperation, Prof. Shefik Shehu, warmly welcomed the students. Mr.Valon Shabani from the Career Center participated in the presentation, translated and explained. The University is particularly interested in the possibility how their students can apply for this transitional grant, in this important period when there is big demand for good workers and good employers.  
Published Date: 
Tuesday, 29.11.2022
“Тотално сум изненадена од тоа колку беше добро осмислено и колку беа погодени предавачите и темите кои ги обработуваа.” States one of the seminar participants after the modul I seminar. In November 2022 the first generation of candidates in the Career Transition Support Program started with Modul I of the program. The kick-off seminar “How to make your internship a success” was held twice, in Veles (11.-13th of November 2022) and in Bitola (25th- 27th of November 2022).

The VELES-Group of 20 participants was trained by Prof. Dr. Tamara Jovanov Apasieva and Dr. Monika Arsova, both from University “Goce Delcev” - Shtip. In BITOLA, 26 candidates received in-depth training and motivation by Dr. Goce Markoski (Career Center) and Prof. Dr.Elizabeta Tosheva, both from St Kliment Ohridski University in Bitola.

Published Date: 
Tuesday, 30.08.2022

A Career Day that was organized in Skopje at the state University Mother Teresa. It was very well accepted and followed with active students’ participation. The students were informed about this event on their faculty e-mail, social media (facebook and linked in), school parliament and student organisations. Also, Prof. Diturije Ismaili and Mr.Ilir Idrizi from the Career Center spread the word for this event on 30.08.2022. After a short introduction to the program scheme by Dimitar Kaljoshevski, the trainer Prof.Diturije Ismaili took over.

Published Date: 
Thursday, 25.08.2022

A Career Day that was organised in Shtip at the state University Goce Delchev with the assistance of Vice Rector Prof.Mishko Dzidrov on 25.08.2022. Counsellor Dimitar Kaljoshevski and the trainer Monika Arsova took over and asked all the students to introduce themselves. It was a short introduction but very beneficial because it made the students get to know each other.

Published Date: 
Tuesday, 23.08.2022

An in-person Career Day that was organised in Bitola at the state University St. Kliment Ohridski was organised in cooperation with the Career Center, represented by Prof.Goce Markoski, on 23.08.2022. The first part of the day sharing information and data on how to prepare a CV, what are the main bottlenecks and hints during the preparation? A number of examples of both successful and unsuccessful CVs, lessons learned were also shown, which was important to the attendees. Through that, they were able to see the mistakes and how to avoid them. After Prof. Markoski’s presentation Mr. Kristijan Salamoski an official Euro pass representative presented the Euro pass CV template.