Our aim is to strengthen the educational elite in Albania and to ensure a new generation of well-trained specialists. Therefore, we provide scholarships for students in their final year of studies, during the stage of their labour market entry, and for their business start-ups. The goal is to give young Albanians an opportunity to develop occupational prospects in their home country.

In 2018, we are offering application trainings in different university cities in Albania and internship grants to state university students in the transition period between study and work.

We want to especially encourage students from smaller state universities in Albania to apply in this round.

Published Date: 
Thursday, 16.02.2017

At the end of 2016, all 49 scholarship holders of the first round gathered for the training courses in Durres (19-20 November 2016) and Shkoder (09-11 December 2016). Depending on the type of scholarship, the seminars focused on business start-ups, career selection, or a preparation for internships.