Modul I - How to make your internship a success? - BITOLA


Your internship experience will be one of the most important steps for establishing a successful career. This is modul I of your Career Transition Support. The training will be provided by excellent practicioners with expertise about requirements of your country's labour market and employment skills needed. The objective of this training is about:

  • Effective time management: this is an indispensable skill. The trainers will lay the theoretical and practical foundations for managing your time and becoming more productive. Setting achievable goals is one of the first steps toward a successful career and meaningful personal development.
  • Vision: The training will show smart ways to create a vision, develop a quantifiable goal, turn that goal into actions, and share that commitment publicly to establish accountability.
  • Managing up: the training is also designed to help you learn how to maximize your career by managing up.
  • networking: you will have the opportunity to network with other young graduates and internship trainees.

The costs for the accommodation, food and travel expenses are covered by WUS. The seminar is tuition free. In case you confirm your participation but cannot attend due to illness or severe problems, inform WUS and the project coordinator as soon as possible. If you are absent without prior notice WUS will have to charge you a compensation fee of 30 €. More information can be provided by or