Great interest in Bitola at the state University St. Kliment Ohridski

An in-person Career Day that was organised in Bitola at the state University St. Kliment Ohridski was organised in cooperation with the Career Center, represented by Prof.Goce Markoski, on 23.08.2022.

The first part of the day sharing information and data on how to prepare a CV, what are the main bottlenecks and hints during the preparation? A number of examples of both successful and unsuccessful CVs, lessons learned were also shown, which was important to the attendees. Through that, they were able to see the mistakes and how to avoid them. After Prof. Markoski’s presentation Mr. Kristijan Salamoski an official Euro pass representative presented the Euro pass CV template. Then they had a task to prepare their CV and to present it. Special attention was given to each one and the errors made were pointed out as well as the possibilities to correct or change certain parts. Fortunately, most of them had no problem and reflected the trainer’s hints, in the preparation of the CV. We have noticed and were positively surprised that most of the prepared CVs were full and with a large number of activities and engagements. Furthermore, the discussions and exchange did not stop there. During the coffee break communications and exchanges continued with great interest.

After the coffee break, we proceeded with presentation about the Motivation letter. We talked about the preparation of a cover letter as well as its application in practice. The need to prepare a cover letter plays a big role in the academic world and therefore it is of great importance that students know how to create it. We have seen examples of several cover letters, depending on the chosen structure they can apply. When the participants finished with the Drafting motivation letter exercise, we went on Lunch break in Aurum lounge where the students had the chance to share their stories about their background and why they decided to study their subjects. All the students were with different backgrounds like: law, engineering, economics, veterinary and medicine. It was an excellent networking opportunity, and a chance to see the students share ideas about their future career’s plans. After the lunch break, we went back to the faculty and continued with the working session.

The third part was a job interview simulation. In this section, they had the opportunity to watch a video, showing correct behaviour during an interview. The most important points such as dress code, code of conduct and posture were pointed out. Also a great hint was pointed out that within 24 hours it is recommended to send a follow up email to the interviewer which was new to the participants and they found it very interesting and productive. At the end of this part, they had the opportunity to perform a simulation where one of them is in the role of an employer and the other in the role of a candidate for employment. Based on real, actual job interviews, they assumed these roles and managed to conduct interviews within the scope of the given task. This part for them was both educational and entertaining, which kept their attention after the meal when the energy is down.

At the end of the whole day, evaluation sheets were given to the attendees and we recognized that the participants' satisfaction was very high. Namely, 100% of the attendees rated the event 5 (the highest rating), and also 100% of them answered the next question, whether they learned something new, with the highest rating - 5. For the last two questions referred to the professional, career development of the candidates, they expressed positive views. They strongly recommended this kind of training, with practical examples and real case presentations (CV creation, preparation for a job interview), that will contribute for future professional development.