Modul I in VELES and BITOLA: "How to make your internship a success?!"

“Тотално сум изненадена од тоа колку беше добро осмислено и колку беа погодени предавачите и темите кои ги обработуваа.” States one of the seminar participants after the modul I seminar. In November 2022 the first generation of candidates in the Career Transition Support Program started with Modul I of the program. The kick-off seminar “How to make your internship a success” was held twice, in Veles (11.-13th of November 2022) and in Bitola (25th- 27th of November 2022).

The VELES-Group of 20 participants was trained by Prof. Dr. Tamara Jovanov Apasieva and Dr. Monika Arsova, both from University “Goce Delcev” - Shtip. In BITOLA, 26 candidates received in-depth training and motivation by Dr. Goce Markoski (Career Center) and Prof. Dr.Elizabeta Tosheva, both from St Kliment Ohridski University in Bitola.

The aim of the two days intensive seminar was to strengthen the career perspectives and aspirations of young Macedonian graduates. The program of both of the seminars involved the latest theoretical approaches in human resources, management, and moreover it included a variety of practical exercises. The participants were graduates of all subjects from Macedonian state universities and currently working as interns in various economic and academic institutions all over Macedonia. They used the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and experience and networked amongst each other.

The program involves three modules and a practical internship phase of three to six months. The program is funded by State Chancellery of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia – Germany.