One field of activity of the World University Service is Global Learning. That is why we operate with The Information Center – Education North-South (website only in German), that coordinates the development politics education in different German federal states (Länder) and provides information on Global Learning in Germany. Here at the Information Center you can find information about events, materials and publications. With the project Global Learning in Dialogue , financially supported by the European Union, we want to further sensitize the EU population to the field of Global Learning. We promote the information exchange and networking among organisations, which want to further develop Global Learning, including partners from the South. This takes place within the Global Education Week , under the patronage of theNorth-South Center of the Council of Europe . In Englob – The Global Learning Database you can find German and European organisations and publications about Global Learning. The project Grenzenlos = Across Boundaries - Global Learning in Dialogue (website only in German) wants to contribute to Global Learning by sending didactically and methodologically qualified students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America as learning and teaching partners to schools. Currently we participate in the Congress about the UN decade: " Education for sustainable development " (website in German) on 18th and 19th of November 2005 in Thuringia.