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Description of the Organization: 

ASW, the Action for World Solidarity Organization, is an independent organization involved in development policy. It has been sponsoring basic projects in India, Africa and Brazil since 1957. Our main aims are to promote women's rights, protect the environment and defend political, social, economic and cultural human rights.

These projects have all been started by people within the communities themselves. They are working together for a better future and they need our financial support to continue their efforts. We do not send experts or development workers; instead the projects remain the responsibility of the people who start them.

We know that the situation in the developing countries cannot improve unless change takes place in the developed world, too. Our second major aim, therefore, is to provide people with information on our project partners, their needs and their progress.

We provide this information in exhibitions and presentations, as well as in our journal "Solidarische Welt." In addition, we show how everyone's actions in Germany and the rest of the Western World affect the lives of people in developing countries and what each one of us can do to help our partners. In the "ASW-Test" series we examine how consumer goods for the German market are produced in developing countries, and how this affects the conditions there. We also provide information on what consumers here can do to stop unfair production practices.

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Human rights
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Non-Governmental Organization