Kambiz Ghawami/Peggy Luswazi/Wolfgang Karcher et al. (Eds.)

WUS, 1992, 256 Seiten, engl.

Various organisations which are active in areas of development and higher education policy (GEW, Nozizwe, WUS, Arbeitsstelle Dritte Welt, Berlin u.a.) arranged the conference "Education and Education Planning for a Post-Apartheid-Society in South Africa" with the goal to inform about South Africa and let education experts from South Africa discuss their current situation and to support the liberation movement in South Africa especially by informing the public. These plans were pursued and realized as a conference in Berlin in November 1991.

The government in South Africa came more and more under pressure as the liberation movement of the black population against the white Apartheid system gained more strength. After the end of the East-West confrontation South Africa lost its strategic significance for the USA. The consequence was that the white government started abolishing the legal pillars of the apartheidsystem by setting Nelson Mandela free. The selection of the topics printed here gives a good survey of the plentitude of questions discussed in Berlin. Moreover, this documentary of the conference gives readers of the North and of other regions of the South an extensive insight into the problems, South Africa faces with regard to the restructuring of the educational system.