Abdelmassieh, Francis

Masterarbeit, Fachbereich Interkulturelle Theologie, 58 Seiten, engl.


Germany represents a unique model to study about foreigner refugees in a country with a high percentage of migrants and multicultural setting. The Arabic Evangelical Church in Bremen was a case study of how a Christian congregation can help in the issue of stability in an alien land.  In my research project I have described these three  points: 1. the motives and the background of the Asylum seeking of the Arab Christian refugees in Bremen. 2. The current religious situation of them in Bremen and the meaning of the AECB for them. 3 Their interaction with the German Churches and society. In my research project in AECB, I tried to find out how the spiritual services could satisfy and comfort the Arab refugee’s community and helped to cope with the new difficult situation.