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Projektbeitrag: GEW 2005

SchülerInnen spüren geschlechtsspezifische Ungleichheiten in der Bildung auf

Alice O, Niederlande (und World University Service)

Track Gender Disparity - SchülerInnen spüren geschlechtsspezifische Ungleichheiten in der Bildung auf - Ein Projekt für die Sek. I und II

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ab September 2005

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Track Gender Disparity is an international research project about the achievements made till now (2005) for Millennium Development Goal three (MDG 3) ‘promote gender equality and empower women'. Your students will investigate the situation regarding MDG 3 in their own country and worldwide. The research is centred on two hypotheses, which are formulated by the students themselves.

A questionnaire based on the four indicators set by the United Nations for MDG 3 is the basis for the research. To find the answers the students need to use both quantitative as qualitative research methods, such as interviews. After having analysed the situation regarding MDG 3 in their own country, the students will compare the situation with the circumstances in other countries. By participating in the project, students will learn about the implications of MDG 3 and about the reasons why women participation is so important.


By participating in the project students:

  • develop research skills, such as formulating a hypothesis, interviewing, collecting and analysing data


  • practice their English language


  • learn about the Millennium Development Goals in general and MDG 3 in specific


  • learn to respect and understand life and circumstances in other countries and cultures, with different values and perspectives


  • have the opportunity to go into action for achieving MDG 3 as soon as possible


  • Sept-Dec 2005: classroom introduction, interviewing and analysing data from your own country. This phase is finalised by writing a country report.


  • Jan-June 2006: data comparison with other countries and formulation of general conclusions. This phase is finalised by writing a comparative report.

The duration of the project is a maximum of 13 hours but some work can be done as homework.

In July 2006 the project results will be presented by different groups of students at the iEARN conference in the Netherlands.


Teaching materials

  • a PowerPoint presentation on the MDGs and MDG 3 for classroom teaching


  • Teachers Information Sheet with information and methods to discuss the MDGs and MDG 3


  • Working Sheet 1 till 5 for individual work


  • Questionnaire on Track Gender Disparity


  • Background materials on MDG 3 and the indicators for MDG 3


  • Website On this website you will find all the teaching materials, the reports will be published here

Englischssprachige SchülerInnen der Sek. I und II; Englisch-, Sozialkunde- , Politik- und Geographieklassen


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