Volunteering as a stepping stone for scholarships and career entry

* in cooperation with the Career Service of JLU Gießen

The workshop is aimed at international students at Justus Liebig University Giessen who would like to prepare their career entry during their studies. International students in particular are underrepresented in university political offices and also get involved outside of the university less frequently than their German fellow students - with consequences for their later career entry. The importance of involvement in volunteering for the job search is underestimated, although it can send important signals to potential employers, especially when skills such as communication skills, teamwork, or a sense of responsibility are in demand. In this workshop, students will learn about the importance of engagement for their career entry, as well as for society and their universities. Participants will discuss facilitating and hindering factors as well as best practice approaches and actively go in search of engagement opportunities during the workshop. Scholarships continue to be important for students entering the workforce. For this, a second part will explain and discuss the role of volunteer activities in the success of a scholarship application. Guidance is also provided on which scholarship opportunities are specifically designed for international students.